When the pressure is reduced, the solution is released as small bubbles.


iPod film
Dur. 34 minutes.


Traversing the screen in all directions, sometimes alone, sometimes in big gangs collecting up more along the way. Some are so big that when they burst they startle the entire surface causing a ripple effect throughout the whole system. Swarming, encircling, bursting, traversing they fly towards the screen out of nowhere and vanish into thin air. Some make the text below seem small and far away. Some partially obscure words, changing their meaning. Others appear to contain the whole world below within them. They appear, rotate and disappear at random. Occasionally one comes into play before shrinking back into its previous position. They magnify, miniaturise, create distance and depth. They assemble together, affecting change before dispersing. At times, large gangs threaten to obscure the entire message underneath. They continue to circulate, bending and stretching the boundaries until the movement seems to stop. At the end, the following text can be made out…


'When the pressure is reduced, the solution is released as small bubbles' was the first work to emerge from the artist's collaboration with 8 other artists for the exhibition 'I don't know how to do this...', Cambridge, March 2014.