West Barton


General View

3 screen installation, projected image, audio

Dur. 6 minutes (loop)



Video on 50” TV

Dur. 21 minutes (loop)


Direct Address

4 screen portable TV installation

Dur. various (loop)



Rephotographed black and white prints



Poetic Mode

Large format colour prints



‘West Barton’ is a work of expanded documentary contemplating the aims and intentions of documentary filmmaking and the place of documentary film in the gallery.  Each section representing a different element of documentary filmmaking and its organising principle.


This documentary takes as its subject a couple known as Fargo and Piccolo, who have been married for over 40 years, and live with their bulldog in a characterful Devon Longhouse in North Devon.  The project began as an attempt to capture the couple,the house and their life together, before it was too late.  Their recent retirements and Piccolo’s recent ill health had brought their mortality into focus.


'West Barton' was created as a solo exhibition in 205, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art, July 2014.