Changing cubicle, projector, live video feed, mirrors


"Can you be one and the same persona at the same time?"

(Elizabeth Volger)


"Eight artists, eight rooms.
Changing Rooms is upstairs, towards the back of the building. Connected by a long passageway, each changing room is confined, segregated and immersed deep within the heart of consumerism. You are invited to these individual spaces, meet your own reflection, push your level of visibility, and take control of your narcissistic obsession with the selfie. Will you succumb to being passive recipients of capitalist culture? No matter where you go, your reflection is inescapable.
Prepare to be consumed".


Text written by Lorna Collins and Philip Cornett

'Persona' was installed in the 3rd cubicle of 'Changing Rooms', Cambridge, June 2014 (as presented by Changing Spaces and Curated by Anji Jackon-Main).  'Changing Room's was part of the wider exhibition, 'Mind your Head'.